Go from a VOD to a VIP and win TwitchCon tickets in this special contest! Edit and upload your videos to Twitch, then submit the link to the contest page here. Our panel of internal judges will watch each video, and once a week, one lucky winner will receive two tickets to TwitchCon, an invitation to a special VIP mixer at the event, and swag! Two runners up will also receive some sweet Twitch swag each week.

Requirements for the video are the following:

  • At least 2 minutes long
  • Post production was involved (not just a straight upload of a livestream)
  • Your own content; not taken from another streamer
  • Video is entertaining/engaging
  • Must be uploaded on Twitch

Winners will be chosen each week by Twitch staff, and you will be notified via email if your video has been chosen.

See official rules before entering.

Thank you for your interest in TwitchCon 2017!

Please note that Press Badge Registration is only for traditional media. Twitch and other video platform content creators should register for general attendee badges.

TwitchCon is designed with the focus on our creators and community, and we will have limited Press Badges available. In an effort to ensure your application is considered, please read the following guidelines to ensure you meet the requirements:

  • Employees of media outlets who do not work in an editorial capacity will not qualify for a Press Badge. This includes: Art Directors, District Managers, Graphic Designers, Publishers, Marketing Representatives, Public Relations Personnel, Sales Representatives, Senior Level Managerial staff, and citizens of Diamond City (with the exception of Piper Wright).
  • Press Registration contact names and emails will be available to exhibitors. There is an option to let them know you opt out of being contacted.
  • Being a member of the press does not guarantee a Press Badge and each member of an outlet is subject for review.
  • A minimum of 1,000 Twitter followers for your outlet.
  • Filming is permitted at TwitchCon 2017 although exceptions may apply. Each member of a broadcast crew must register separately.

If you are approved for a Press Badge, please bring your email confirmation to TwitchCon 2017 Will Call at the Long Beach Convention Center to pick up your official TwitchCon 2017 Press Badge. A government issued photo ID must be presented to receive a badge.

For general media inquiries: press@twitchcon.com

We hope to see you at TwitchCon 2017!

Ends on July 4, 2017

TwitchCon is your event - and here's your chance to take the stage! Have knowledge to impart, a discussion to facilitate, a performance to give, or something to share? Submit your panel, workshop, live podcast or other type of session, here!

To give your (sure to be incredible) idea the best chance of making it onto the schedule, please read the guidelines below and follow the instructions while filling out your submission.

Selection Process

The ancient and sacred TwitchCon committee will begin accepting submissions on 05/01/2017. Submissions will close 07/03/17. Selected presenters will be notified of the status of their submission by no later than 07/17/2017.

If your session is accepted, all panel participants will be given TwitchCon speaker badges* for access to the show.  We will follow up with more detailed information about checking in and executing your session upon selection.

If we think there's a good match, the TwitchCon team may opt to put a featured broadcaster or broadcasters on your panel. You will be notified of this when your panel is accepted.

Best practices

Remember, TwitchCon is dedicated to Twitch’s community of partners, broadcasters, and viewers. To ensure attendees have the best possible experience, preference will be given to sessions that offer an interactive element based on Twitch community culture.

Sessions are scheduled by default to last one hour. Please let us know if, for whatever reason, you believe that your session should be scheduled for more or less time. This will be taken into account in the selection process, as it will impact scheduling.

Spelling, grammar and presentation matter in your submission. Show us that you will provide TwitchCon attendees a world-class, professional experience by reflecting that here.

*We cannot refund any tickets directly purchased before panel selections

We know that most of the best content on Twitch comes from the diverse and creative minds of our community! That’s why we've opened up our live event stage for segments produced by broadcasters themselves. Have a great idea for something you think our viewers would like to watch? Want to do a live episode of your show on our stage? Want to host your own interview with a game developer or industry influencer? We’re excited to hear what you have in mind. Submit your pitch to Twitch Studios here!

Please be advised that your submission may be similar to concept(s) submitted by another user or already under development by Twitch.  Twitch, its partners and participants do not bear any liability or responsibility to you in the event Twitch elects to include a piece of content that is similar to yours. 

We’ve seen time and time again how many great ideas and talents come straight from you, our community! As such, it’s our goal to provide all the resources, guidance, and opportunities we can to streamers with aspirations to achieve top-level production. We’re still a small team with limited resources, but we love to share what we have with our community in order to help them reach their goals. To that end, we’re opening lines of communication with our team to the community, in hopes of making Twitch Studios resources available to a few select streamers with great ideas. If you’re an aspiring producer, host, writer, or anything in the realm of video production who thinks we might have what you need in order to succeed, we are listening!

Please be advised that your submission may be similar to concept(s) submitted by another user or already under development by Twitch.  Twitch, its partners and participants do not bear any liability or responsibility to you in the event Twitch elects to include a piece of content that is similar to yours. 

Twitch Weekly airs every Friday at 1 p.m. PST/4 p.m. EST and is your source for the latest Twitch updates and news on events and the community.  Our "Meet & Greet" segment is a place for broadcasters to share their channel with the Twitch Weekly audience. Please fill out this form and provide your own "Video Spotlight" for consideration. If chosen, your video will air to thousands of fans who are looking to find new broadcasters to watch!  

Consider the following when creating your video:
  • Keep your video between 60 and 90 seconds in length
  • Have permission or own any music or other assets you utilize
  • Please don't use vulgar language and/or please censor with beeps any excessive profanity that may appear in any highlighted material you use
  • Show off! Talk about yourself, your channel, and show us your favorite highlights
  • Treat this like a personal commercial. Be original and creative. Make us laugh or make us cry. Or both!
  • If you need inspiration, check out these great examples made by MadameGandalf, flamingmonocle, and DenGenesis.

We'll notify you if we plan to play your video, so you can celebrate by broadcasting along with Twitch Weekly! Thanks for being a part of the Twitch community and Twitch Weekly!
Now's your chance to prove your sodium!

We're looking for fresh faces to compete in PJSaltan of Stream at PAX West. A few competitors have already been selected (Check out their story, here), but there are still a few spaces open for the saltiest of streamers. If you'd like to compete at PAX West, submit a short video audition, here! Please keep in mind these guidelines:
  • Your video should be no longer than 2 minutes in length
  • Be creative, and show us your special salty self.
  • Be sure to finish the phrase "I deserve to compete in PJSaltan because...."
  • You must be available to appear in person at PAX West in Seattle, WA on September 1-4, and at the PJSaltan finals (if you advance) at TwitchCon on October 20-22.
  • You must be a broadcaster in good standing on Twitch
From all videos submitted, we will choose a yet to be determined number of applicants to participate in the PJSaltan of Stream 2017 circuit at PAX West. See you there! (Maybe. Kappa.)
As part of the Twitch Studios Talent Development program, Twitch Studios will host a small group of talented performers in their San Francisco office on July 26th for a workshop for on-camera hosting and interviewing. Submit here to be considered for attendance!

To be considered you must:
  • Have a Twitch channel in good standing.
  • Live in the United States. 
  • Submit samples of your work as a host/interviewer (even if those samples were created for the sole purpose of this application.)
  • Be able to travel July 25th - 26th to Twitch HQ in San Francisco, California, with travel and accommodations provided by Twitch Studios.
This is our first workshop and considered a "pilot" of the program. Learn more on our blog.
The best and brightest stars on Twitch are invited to showcase their talents live on stage at TwitchCon 2017 in the second-ever TwitchCon Talent Show! Last year’s successful show secured the place of performing artists on Twitch, featuring acts in theatre, comedy, dance, music, magic, and art. This year, we will be featuring an even more open call for acts, removing categorical restrictions and opening the showcase to any creator who has regularly streamed to Creative on Twitch.

In order to apply for consideration, performers must submit a video audition which will be reviewed by a selection panel at Twitch. Selected performers will be featured live on the main stage at TwitchCon 2017, as well as receiving free convention admission with a travel stipend. For official guidelines and more information, as well as to officially submit your audition, see below! 

What you must do (in brief):

  • Have a history of broadcasting to creative on Twitch. (...and, if applicable, stream the preparation of your act on Twitch Creative in the Talent Show community!)

  • Submit a video of your act for consideration.

  • If selected, attend TwitchCon, rehearse briefly, and perform!


What you must do (in detail):

  • Have a history of broadcasting to creative on Twitch.

    • Have a Twitch channel in good standing that has a few creative broadcasts available for viewing in “past broadcasts” or “highlights.”

    • If you stream any of the preparation of your act, stream to the Talent Show community! It isn’t required that you stream preparation of your act, but providing that content for viewing may give you a leg up in the selection process.

  • Submit a video of your act using the form below.

    • Acts may vary in length but should not exceed 5 minutes (however, your audition video may exceed this if you would like to provide additional explanation around your act). Please note that lengthier acts will not be considered more desirable than others; we expect most acts to be between 2 and 3 minutes long.

    • One person may submit multiple acts, but they must submit them separately using this form.

    • Auditions must be submitted on behalf of one person, so if your act includes multiple performers, please choose a representative to submit. Only this representative must have a Twitch channel with history of creative broadcast. However, all performers must participate in some way on the audition video.

    • All performances must consist solely of original material, or proof of permission must be included with the audition video. Covers and the like are not allowed without explicit written permission of the original author.

    • Acts may not contain nudity, excessive profanity, extreme depictions of violence, discriminatory or hate speech, or anything else that would be in violation of the Twitch Terms of Service and Code of Conduct.

  • Make plans to attend TwitchCon.

    • You must be able to attend TwitchCon in person in order to be selected.

    • Each performer will be provided with a badge for admission to TwitchCon and a travel stipend (to cover flight, accommodations, and other travel expenses) of $1500.

    • You will be required to attend a brief tech rehearsal in advance of the show.


Who is eligible to submit?

  • Anyone can submit an act for consideration, as long as they meet the outlined requirements! Just remember, we reserve all rights to decide who appears on our stage for whatever reason we see fit, Kappa.

If I’m selected, how will I get there?

  • There is no winner of the talent show itself - it’s a showcase of artists, not a competition. However, every performer selected will receive tickets to TwitchCon and a $1500 stipend, for travel, accommodations, shipping and the like.

Who exactly is choosing the acts for TwitchCon?

  • A panel of Twitch employees who have expertise in programming, performing arts, creative, and other related areas.

What kind of music can I perform or use to accompany my act?

  • Remember, only original music can be included in our show, so any acts that do not provide proof of permission to use music that is not original work will be rejected. This includes accompaniment music, such as a background track for dance, or soundtrack for monologue.


Please Note:

All videos and any other materials (“Materials”) submitted to Twitch Interactive, Inc. (“Twitch”) become the sole and exclusive property of Twitch and cannot be returned by Twitch at any time. By submitting Materials, you agree Twitch may, but is not obligated to, use the Materials in connection with TwitchCon or any other Twitch promotion, in any way, in any medium, worldwide, in perpetuity. Further, you warrant all Materials are 100% original and do not violate the right of privacy or publicity of, or constitute a defamation against, any person or entity; that the Materials will not infringe upon or violate the copyright or common law rights or any other rights of any person or entity; and that there are and will be no encumbrances, liens, conditions or restrictions whatsoever upon or affecting such Materials. You agree to indemnify Twitch and its employees, directors, officers and agents for all damages and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of any breach or failure of the warranties made herein.