Ends on July 4, 2017

TwitchCon is your event - and here's your chance to take the stage! Have knowledge to impart, a discussion to facilitate, a performance to give, or something to share? Submit your panel, workshop, live podcast or other type of session, here!

To give your (sure to be incredible) idea the best chance of making it onto the schedule, please read the guidelines below and follow the instructions while filling out your submission.

Selection Process

The ancient and sacred TwitchCon committee will begin accepting submissions on 05/01/2017. Submissions will close 07/03/17. Selected presenters will be notified of the status of their submission by no later than 07/17/2017.

If your session is accepted, all panel participants will be given TwitchCon speaker badges* for access to the show.  We will follow up with more detailed information about checking in and executing your session upon selection.

If we think there's a good match, the TwitchCon team may opt to put a featured broadcaster or broadcasters on your panel. You will be notified of this when your panel is accepted.

Best practices

Remember, TwitchCon is dedicated to Twitch’s community of partners, broadcasters, and viewers. To ensure attendees have the best possible experience, preference will be given to sessions that offer an interactive element based on Twitch community culture.

Sessions are scheduled by default to last one hour. Please let us know if, for whatever reason, you believe that your session should be scheduled for more or less time. This will be taken into account in the selection process, as it will impact scheduling.

Spelling, grammar and presentation matter in your submission. Show us that you will provide TwitchCon attendees a world-class, professional experience by reflecting that here.

*We cannot refund any tickets directly purchased before panel selections
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